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Why Would... Questons and Answers

Why Would...... a user contributed collection of common and not-so-common questions and answers.

Unanswered Questions

Why would abs light come on
Why would my big toe hurt
Why would aspirin cause occult blood
Why would hno3 be used to dilute
Why would sir launcelot be described as courageous
Why would you use cc
Why would my engine overheat
Why would hcg levels drop
Why would my stool be green
Why would rick santorum be a bad president
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Why would sims travel to goma with bodyguards September 6th 2017 18:21
Why would public debate hinder a dictatorship December 13th 2016 17:05
Why would demand for toothpicks be inelastic October 10th 2016 19:50
I do not know.
Why would the vena cava be classified as a vein May 4th 2016 20:21
bv vb
bb v v vb
Why would she cheat December 16th 2015 19:53
Oh boy!
Maybe she's not getting what she needs.maybe she's just a cheater.Have you cheated on her? Some women feel like the more men they get to pay them attention,the more beautiful or womanly they feel,is she married?ask her why,I think folks that are in need of attention should tell their partners.Just the truth! And sometimes the truth hurts, but,I would rather hear the truth than spend my life wondering about what's going on.How bout you?
Why would god send us to hell December 16th 2015 19:44
God is not going to send anyone to hell,We are already there.It is up to us to survive in this world the way it is now.Why, would God do something as awful as that?There is no burning hell,He does not cause death.We do with the help of the devil,He does not take our loved ones away from us,There are no spirits hovering around,Why would God take away our loved ones to just bring them back to suffer?He doesn't.Read your bible with someone who you can talk to.
Why would he call me ugly December 16th 2015 19:35
Most men or women are insecure about their appearances,but, for someone to say or call you ugly is meant to hurt your feelings or make you feel less than them.All humans are beautiful,in their own kind of ways,heart wise? Is the best yet,you may not have a so-called gorgeous bod,or you may not look(according to society)gorgeous,but,it's how you feel to yourself.are you a good person?do you care for other folks?Nope I don't even know you,and you are beautiful,Stop worrying about how somebody sees you,see yourself.Trust me they are the ugly ones.if they have to call names?they need something to make themselves feel good.
Why would fruit flies be attracted to glucose December 13th 2015 20:56
Why would gratitude evolve in a social group November 12th 2015 02:53
Why would an oak tree die May 8th 2015 16:55
b/c it's tired of your shit
Why would bile be in the stomach May 8th 2015 16:55
It's chillen
Why would i vote for obama May 8th 2015 16:55
For pocket change
Why would i bleed when i pee May 8th 2015 16:54
Why the fuck not
Why would gertrude kill ophelia May 8th 2015 16:54
Why not?
why the fuck not?
Why would weather be a natural choice as an omen April 27th 2015 16:47
weather and omen
because weather is controlled by god
Why would epiglottitis cause muffled voice February 16th 2015 22:20
Why would epiglottitis cause restlessness February 16th 2015 02:29
trying to figure out why an infection would cause restlessness
Why would anyone want kids April 19th 2013 04:25
no argument,,,people that want kids just want something to play with.
Why would my 2005 trailblazer speedometer quit working November 10th 2012 18:38
why would my 2005 trailblazer speedometer quit working
Why would immigrants want to come to america November 8th 2012 01:36
immigrants would want to come to America for several reasons: 1. they don't like their country they live in
Why would aliens want gold November 1st 2012 22:44
The physical proprties
It is inert and very mallable
Why would writepoint reject my paper October 9th 2012 01:32
my paper was rejected
Give me some reasons why writepoint reject a paer
Why would men pee blood October 3rd 2012 15:43
why men pee blood
he denies peeing blood what could be wrong?